Monday, April 6, 2015


i'm sorry I can't post photos on the blog right now.  The mountains, the sky, the water.

Ifyou go to Instagram and look at #quiltswissy you will see some of the photos I have posted.   Sometimes I don't have all the internet waves on the mountains but at other times it does post.

Last night we fulfilled one of the items on Franks bucket list.  We sat out in a desolate parking lot by ourselves on the top of a mountain and watch the stars come out.  It was incredible to see the thousands upon thousands of stars we cannot see at home.

It was like being in a very cold planetarium with the threat of alien abduction near.

I told him if he talked about the aliens again and I got abducted from the mountain top that night I would never forgive him.  I felt totally eerie while I kept my eyes on this one star he swore was not a star, but not a plane either.  Luckily it did not hover over us at all.


  1. Sounds like you and Frank had a fun time watching the night sky. I don't know anything about instagram so I will have to wait to see some pictures.

  2. Before going to instagram, I have to tell you that I'm still laughing at your story. I imagine that you two must have been laughing hysterically but just a tad nervously at the thought of aliens. I can see that UFO hovering over the car. Next time tell him that any scary, eerie talk will mean the end of all attempts at fulfilling his bucket list. If he's like my husband, he'll dial it down a little for at least a moment.


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