Monday, April 6, 2015

Wildlife in the park

We rounded the hairpin curve and slammed on the breaks.  A heard of elk were crossing the road!  The huge bull had a rack of antlers. He had a harem of maybe 10 ladies dressed in their shabbiest clothes.  They were shedding their winter rags!

Then further down the road a bit, two coyotes were hunting something underground.  They would worry a burrow and then one would get bored and wander off and pee on something.  Then go back and rejoin the vigil. Then the other would dig a bit and then pee on the mound of soil.  I hope they were eventually rewarded with a ground squirrel.

We saw three turkeys today, gobbling along in the Horseshoe Meadow.  Also in the Horseshoe area, I was able to photograph a magpie and some stellar jays.  Those guys are huge!

A bald eagle flew by the window as we were eating dinner!  Oh my!

And of course the mule deer with their huge ears.  We saw a couple of herds of them roaming the slopes.

Oh!  And a quilt shop!!!

It was an exceptional day in Estes Park!!  Few tourists, cool temps, some snow still on the ground.......NO CROWDS.

This is the totally absolutely perfect time to come here!  It is jam packed starting in May.


  1. I'm so glad you are feeling better and enjoying this adventure - wow! I looked at your photos - double wow! The sky! They call it Gods country for a reason : -)

  2. Sounds like fun! Nothing that interesting around here!

  3. You make me wish I were traveling with you and Frank.

  4. That sounds like so much fun! Breath some mountain air for me, will ya?

  5. I am so very jealous! It's been my dream for several years to go back to the mountains, but farther north this time. I tried instagram and didn't make it in, but I haven't given up completely. I'm going to try again but on the phone this time. Keep posting....we are enjoying reading about your adventures!


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