Wednesday, April 1, 2015

What was she thinking!

I know you all are aghast, thinking I have lost my mind.  Oh, yes, that......uh......yes, it looks good......geez!


April Fool!

It is actually a Salvador Dali print!

Now you are saying, whew!  It WAS pretty darn awful!


  1. You are evil - the photo is just showing up blank from where I look so I would have believed you had I not read this post. I can picture you nude in Lincoln center though :-)

  2. That's just mean! I don't know what's more disappointing--that you don't have a quilt in the show, that you got me :-( no one else has), or that it's not you in the picture! Perhaps this is one reason I'm not a fan of Salvador Dali. There!


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