Thursday, April 9, 2015

Wildlife at Estes Park, CO - Rocky Mountain Nat'l Park

 Here we are at the Park entrance.  The town of Estes Park, Colorado sits at the entrance to the park.  Lovely, quaint town with friendly people who  love tourists.  Not many places can say that!

April is the perfect time to go.  Uncrowded and still beautiful.

Mule Deer have huge ears.  We saw several groups of them over the 3 days.

Crows and ravens were everywhere!
 This turkey came out of nowhere while we were in the parking lot waiting for the sun to set.  He gobbled the entire time he was walking across the lot, obviously upset that we were there.

It was crazy!
These fences are everywhere through the park.  they are part of a 20 year plan to allow areas to restore.  It keeps the elk from devastating all the habitat.

 Coyote!  I thought it might be a wolf, but when  I got a good look at those ears there was no doubt.

This is a magpie.

Elk were roaming throughout the park.

This is a big male elk.

These ladies were outside our lodge the morning we left for Denver.

 Prairie dogs!  

Stegasaurous.  The very first stego was found on Dinosaur Ridge just outside of Denver.

 A wascally wabbit!

These beauties nested in our bath at the Quality Inn at the Airport on our last night.

A pleasant surprise in an airport hotel!


  1. What a trip! I can't believe you can get that close to all that wildlife. My favorite is that cute little Prarie dog. You have to make Frank a Colorado quilt to remember this trip. You make a very handsome couple.

  2. humph, no cow picture?? Love love a prairie dog... the towels are special.. never saw that and it's special. LeeAnna

  3. I've been there! Loved Colorado! The boys were young so we got to see everything adults and through their eyes. It was one of our best vacations. I know you loved every minute and can see from your photos how much fun it all was!


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