Friday, May 29, 2015

A Rant - and more quilting.......And the Sign of the Devil in my Floor

Bet that caught your attention!

Rant first!  Since my knee surgery I have enjoyed the benefits of sleeping.  But since I am one of those total insomniacs who rarely sleep, I convinced the old doc (not really, he is younger than me!) to continue giving me the Ambien that Dr. Gorgeous gave me.

At some point, my pharmacy did not have the 5 mg tablets so they gave me half the number of 10 mg tablets with instructions to cut them in half.  Well, now that seems to be the standard.  Yes, I have a splitter.  And Yes, I do cut them in half.  But it is not always a clean cut since the tablets are pretty small.  And why should I do it when there are 5 mg tables out there anyway?

It would be just so much easier to have the 5's and not have to do all that.  Now the pharmacist says he cannot give me 5's without calling the doctor, getting his approval for the change.  Oye!  THEY were the ones who changed it in the FIRST place!

So I guess I need to find someone who takes 10's but gets them in 5's and trade!  Would that make me a dealer?  Aughhh!

I need to get my Modern Robin round put on before the meeting on Monday.  And I need to finish up the Cotton Robin so it can be mailed off in two weeks.  And the next color for the Rainbow Challenge is light blues and I pulled fabrics for some foxes.  Since I have already done a number of lighter blue foxes, I decided to do teal foxes instead.  And I need to do some fishes and some asterisks, and some cranes.  I might just ditch the cranes, I think i am over them.

So I need to put another quilt on the frame and start off June with a good finish.  I have several to choose from.

The Houses, which was a Mystery Quilt I did two years ago.
Spools, which was  Lotto block set I won 4 years ago.
Stars, which was  quilt I did 8 or 9 years ago.
Black Random, which needs a backing still.


Any number of quilts I have sitting in the box in my room.  Maybe I need to just do it and stop talking about it!

Oh, let me tell you about my foyer floor!  It was dark dark wood parquet and we hated it, so I called my good friend David Iles at the Floor Store and asked him to come lay me some tile!  I chose the center medallion at one of the hardware stores like Home Depot, I think it was Home Depot.  Lowe's was not built over here yet.

Anyway, when David's crew came to lay the tiles I gave them the center tiles and they did a fabulous job.

About  year later, I was having David do my bathroom, the one I just spent all that time on.  I let the crew in the front door, dogs out the back, and showed them the bathroom they would be working in.

Devils Tower CROP.jpg
Devil's Tower, WY
One guy freaked out.  Like MAJOR freak out.  He said that the medallion was the sign of the devil and I must be a devil worshiper to have that in my house.  And to have it built into the floor was the worst thing I could do.  I think he even mentioned Charles Manson.

I can assure you, I chose it from Home Depot not the Hell Depot, and that I liked the Mariner's Compass reference, not the Devil's Compass.   We did go to Devil's Tower in Wyoming, but even that doesn't look like my floor.  (You might recognize this as from the movie Close Encounters.)

I assure you, I am not worshiping anything!


  1. Does it seem like the whole world has gone crazy? I think I would be changing drug stores.

    I sure would like to see that medallion!

  2. I was hoping for a picture of the medallion too. Did you say anything to the crew member's supervisor?

  3. Good thing you hid your voodo dolls and witchcraft supplies before they came over :-)

  4. p.s. Cutting coated pills in half is NOT a good idea -- you need to insist that your pharmacy call the doctor and get the paperwork in order so you can get your smaller doses. I'm in a wrangle with my son't pharmacy about one of his meds and another wrangle with my pharmacy about one of mine. They're all shorthanded and the paperwork is killing them, but getting the Prior Authorizations IS their job and we need them to do it (rant over).

  5. I can see you going around to people trying to trade out meds. Be careful you don't get will make for a long night. And yes, a picture of the medallion would be nice. One of us could be sewing up a devil worship quilt. lol You might be able to save us from ol' Lucifer.


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