Saturday, May 30, 2015

New Fabric - Being in the Black is Highly Overrated

Yes, being in the black on my Fabric Usage Spreadsheet is highly overrated.  In that vein, I bought more fabric.

I needed the yellow.

And Paula made me order the other Bella Solids from Thousands of Bolts because they had a sale on them for $4.99.  It was a great price, I admit.

So great that I bought

2 yds of the turquoise
4 yds of the yellow
5 yds of the light beige
2 yds of the darker beige

13 yards, my lucky number according to the foyer floor............


  1. How was the guy so certain about the floor that he freaked out? I'd just forget the floor and have fun with the fabric! :-)

  2. You don't want to lose the skill... I think you need more practice. LOL

  3. Those solids will play well with almost any color - smart choices.

  4. Beautiful fabric! It is always nice to have those solid on hand. I can't reduce my numbers until I get something finished! The t-shirt quilt - it will be awhile until I get the hand work done so that I can subtract the yardage I used in the backing. I should have the anniversary quilt done in the next couple of weeks so that will help.


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