Friday, May 8, 2015

Better Today

Yesterday was such an emotional day for me.  I was exhausted.

Mom in 2007
I called my brother about the hospice thing, and checked in on his family.  They have their own thing going on and are in another city, and you know.  I rarely hear from them.  But we had a nice conversation and we are both on the same page, and it is OK.

I dealt with the health insurance crisis.  In January they changed the details of the reimbursement stuff and we no longer have a co-pay or deductible.  But no doctor's office or pharmacy understands this.  We are constantly overcharged and it is difficult to get your money back from the pharmacies and doctors who ARGUE with you when you show them the policy wording even!  It took me a week of calls to the benefits office at Frank's home office in Houston just to get a call back.  And when she did, she told me her child was sick and I should be more understanding!

And all the intake nurse and social work visits are being done through the Hospice and everyone calls me to discuss my mother.  Yesterday I explained to two pastors about our religious views and why we were comfortable with them.  I ended up just saying, go visit her, she has no idea you are even there.  Say what you want to her!  Make yourself feel better.

And on top of all that, I have 4 books on tape from the library and my Bose unit decides never to play CDs again.  I called Bose and they are willing to replace the guts of the machine for $99 plus shipping.  Frank won the unit at a Sales Meeting in 2008 so that is actually a good deal.  It will get shipped off today!

And after listening to me for a while, all Frank said last night was:  do you think we can go get some more Klondike bars - I ate the last one last night?

And you wonder why I have dogs??????????


  1. I feel your pain. You know a bit of what is going on with my family and at least in my case getting a lawyer has relieved my younger sister's worry and stress.

  2. Breathe....breathe.... Oh and by the way, I am breathing much easier. Less drowning, coughing and wheezing. Still in LA, on to TX tomorrow! Toodles~~~~

  3. actually the dogs probably wanted a klondike bar too... Frank listened... he just didn't comment. Men! They don't express emotion like we do. Drew often doesn't know what he feels. You have a lot going on and you just keep going and going. Good thing you have creativity and sewing... and the smelly bassets. LeeAnna


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