Thursday, May 7, 2015

Whew! A Whirlwind of Life

I was so happy when Suzette and Ray called to say they were going to swing by and spend some time with us.  You know her as Swooze on the internet.  We have met at quilt shops before, in fact we met both her parents the last time they visited her brother in Lafayette.  Swooze, her mom and I shopped fabric while Frank and her dad talked about all kinds of things sitting outside enjoying the day.

Ray was the ultimate Dog Whisperer.  Not one piece of fabric was eaten by McGee when Ray was here!  LOL.  (there were some random bits of paper, but no fabric!)

 Here we are, deep in plans to hit the Red Stick Quilt Shop. 

All through this I was busy working with the nursing home to re-up my mother in hospice. She has been in end stage Alzheimers for the last 4 years.  It was a mess, I suspect the resident doctor in the nursing home is part owner of the OTHER hospice and didn't want to recommend the hospice I wanted.  My choice was the one who took care of my mom for 2 years.  Once her weight stabilized they were no longer able to continue.  But now she is in decline again, and we need to bring them back. 

Then Carrie worked out a mover to move some furniture around between my storage place and my house and her house.  Right smack in the middle of all this! 

But it all worked out, Suzette and Ray enjoyed their visit, the dogs loved the attention, the furniture got moved and my hospice was approved after a few really odd phone calls......but hey, it all worked out.


  1. How you've managed so many posts in just a week is beyond me. You are super writer and get a capital W for the front of your top. Knowing that you've had so much going on: a nude, a nose, mopping, mom, friends, flowers and shopping! Whew! I'm tired from stalking....uh, catching up with you. Glad that you managed hospice; I know how stressful caring for an Alzheimer's patient is. One kindness of Alzheimer's is that the patients can't feel pain. Of course the downside is that they also can't tell you about it so everything takes guesswork and lots of attention. Glad you got to spend time with friends during such a stressful time and had a little retail therapy, too.

  2. Mary said it all - I agree wholeheartly :-)

  3. Sending hugs of understanding - as my husband put it the other day when the airline refused to let him check in online (that's another story), "why does EVERYTHING have to be so hard?"


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