Thursday, May 28, 2015

Calla Lily an Bathroom Are Declared Finished!

Well, Calla Lily is about 2 feet of binding short of being finished!  That will get done tonight while we watch Doc Martin.


And we have declared the bathroom done and finished!  And we did it without Ray....although there were a few times I could have used him here.  Like when we were trying to re-hang the cabinet doors!

But we made it and I didn't have to kill Frank.  I was close a few times.

The mirrors are back up and the photos are panoramic shots I took when we were on vacation on the West Coast.  The long one is Multnomah Falls in OR on the Columbia River Gorge.  This is before the huge piece of rock broke off and changed the look of the falls.  The top one is the Gold Coast along Hwy 1 in CA.   We drove up from Los Angeles through Carmel and Monterrey, stopped at the aquarium, drove through Big Sur and over Bixby Bridge and toured Hearst Castle.  Actually I  think we started from the top and drove down!  And we climbed to every lighthouse along the way!

Two pieces of the pottery came from two trips into the Navajo Reservation, one in Monument Valley and the other in Utah. 
The ewer with the handle was a pottery piece one of my dog clients made for me.  The screws from the toilet paper holder stuck through and Frank couldn't cut them off, although he imagined himself superman enough to do it.  So I took some corks and dowel pieces and screwed them onto the screw ends.  I think that was pretty swuft!  Frank was convinced it would never work.  So after he works out a bit and builds up some muscles, it will do.

 I hung the toilet paper HIGH! And the towel rack over that outlet. 

The only thing I have to do is when the shower curtain comes in tomorrow I need to rehang the rod over the bathtub.

I need a few brightly colored pieces of stuff like towels, rugs and a basket for the Roomba's stuff. Right now the Roomba keeps its stuff in a plastic tub.  We can be more upscale than that!

So I guess it is NEARLY finished as opposed to TOTALLY finished.  OK, I'll give you that. 


  1. I think you should have installed one of those old garage doors that tip on a pivot for the room a. I'll send Ray right over!

  2. I feel like I'm looking at a home decor magazine spread - well done!

  3. The quilt is beautiful and so is the bathroom! You have accomplished so much in such a short amount of time! It is a brutal reminder that I need to get back to finishing my bathrooms!


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