Thursday, May 28, 2015

Green Stack and Whack Calla Lily Quilt is Quilted

Chips the 22 lb mean cat!
Cali helping with a quilt
I loved that story about the kitty waiting for the litter!  Sounds just  like a cat, too!  I miss not having kitty feet in the house.  We always had two or three at one time and they lived to ripe old ages of close to 20.  We lost the last one 2 years ago, Cali, my little tiny calico who was 21 and still catching lizards until the end!

The Calla Lily Stack and Whack quilt is now quilted and needs a binding.  I have to decide what to put as a binding and get that done so I will have a finish for May, at least!

I wanted to do a pantograph on the back table since the long arm is still pulled out from the wall for when the film guy was here.  I got everything set up and realized we never did put the handles on the rear of the machine!  So much for that!

So I resorted to working from the camera, but I couldn't figure out where to put one of the wires that turned the whole thing on!  I gave up and just did a free motion leaf and swirl.  It worked out well.

Now it just needs a binding!

And to show you just how much Frank is loved:

the snoring from all three is deafening!

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