Monday, May 18, 2015

Geez, I Hate When That Happens.....

So I was standing there, talking to the film guy.  And popping these Brookside chocolate mango things into my mouth, listening to him talk about the film industry.

And then it happened, wouldn't you know one of those chocolate mango things missed!  My big mouth, and it missed!

Yep, it went right down my shirt and got hung up in my bra.

I am not totally sure he noticed but I am totally focused on that chocolate mango thing in my bra.  I can feel it, cool against my skin.

That just means it is cooler than my warm skin and will start melting soon.

Do I go get it, do I smile and just go with it, do I excuse myself?  All of a sudden I realize he is no longer talking, but looking at me like it is my turn to say something.  I think he has asked me a question.


I mumble something neutral and turn to the kitchen to check on my rice.  He moves off to his film.

And I go digging for my chocolate mango thing, because the heat of the stove has really helped the situation!

The Film Guy, or Russell as everyone else calls him, is here to put film on my windows.  The sun beats down on the front of my house and we have wanted for a long time to put the solar film on the windows that face the sun to keep it cooler. guy is not filming a movie in my quilt room!  Too bad, huh?

Meanwhile, I am drinking tea and eating my chocolate mango things more carefully.  And the best advice I can give you today.......

Stay out of Twin Peaks when the bikers are there!


  1. Dang it! And here I was hoping we would have the first quilt - dogs reality show. Your film guy is pretty cute though.

  2. Oooh, a flavor that we don't have here! (Funny post, btw)

  3. I was really expecting that the film guy had decided to help remove the chocolate mango thing. That's my version of the story anyway--he just dips a hand in and removes it deftly, while you giggled with Southern lady charm. (Okay, I'm awful.)

  4. Too funny! I needed a good laugh this morning! Have not seen the mango ones here. They sound yummy!


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