Tuesday, May 19, 2015

I have been busy....again!

I had a busy day so I could only get 1/2 mile walk in this morning before it all started.  For the last two days I have hit 10,000 steps.  Not sure I will get there today though.  I am at 5876 right now and have another 1/2 mile with the dogs later.  Not 10,000 worth though.  I  can't figure out how to use the calorie portion yet. 

I had a Care Plan meeting for my mother, the big change is that Hospice is there and she is getting more eyes looking at her.  She is 111 lbs now, losing 1 or 2 lbs a week.  I get weekly reports from each person, so that is one from the nursing home and 3 from the Hospice.  Exhausting.

Before (See where the Roomba lives)
I had lunch with my friend Paula.  She heads the Bonnie Hunter Club and I will see her tomorrow at the meeting.  She went with me to the Chalk Paint place to pick out some Chalk Paint for my newest project, the Guest Bathroom.  I want to redo the cabinet.  If that goes well I will do the Master Bath and the Kitchen.  You need to investigate Chalk Paint if you have never heard of it.  No prep work other than cleaning your surface of dust and grease.  No sanding, no scraping, no nothing!  I am down with that since the cabinets have a poly varnish on them.

I scrubbed the cabinet and saw the wallpaper peeling.  I had intended to take the wallpaper off anyway so I started pulling.  Well, we know where that heads!

The doorbell rang and it was my Bose unit back from the dead.  It plays like it did before the Great Disaster.  So I listened to more of Hope by Amanda Berry and Gina Dejesus. 

When Frank got home he was surprised I had destroyed the bathroom!  But offered to take me to Rotolos for cheese calzones and sweet tea.   I can't say no to that.

But the day was not over accomplishing stuff.  When we got home we put up the new Roman Shade behind the long arm in the dining room.  It looks fabulous!

I will put one of the quilts on the frame later in the week.  Quilt a little, paint a little, pull a little wallpaper.  You know how fun that all is!



  1. So happy that Bose can bring things back from the dead. When they start working on people, I'll reconsider willing myself to science. They have to promise to use me for the purpose of figuring out what is wrong....I don't actually want to come back, I may have to pull wallpaper or paint or some such work.

    Oh a happier note, you must know of a great place for calzones. Please share that information. We don't get any around here and I do like them, so if I'm headed in that direction....

  2. My goodness you make me look like a slacker! Too funny about the wallpaper. I had a couple of brothers that lived together for a while and the kitchen in the house was horrible. Mike decided to start investigating by taking off a receptacle cover and next thing you know the cupboards were coming off the walls! Bob was out on tour so weeks later when he came home there was no kitchen!


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