Friday, May 1, 2015

Rusting Results

I decided to open the rusty stuff this afternoon.  I was rewarded.

(my keybord has decided not to type a's tody)

And I decided to do  second post to Nina Marie's Off the Wall.  

I love rusting things.  In this package I had a saw, a wiper blade part, some rebar and a few bottle caps.  Oh and  random bent wire.

You can see everything here in the finished piece.  Now I need to decide what to do with the last few pieces I have done.

the whole cloth- about 1/4 yard of the Ecology Cloth

Saw blade and wire

saw blade that was in second fold

this looks so wonderful, this is the serrated edge of the saw

One half

The other half

I can see the bottle cap and the metal piece.  

That dark piece is the wiper blade piece.

It is a wonderful piece of fabric!


  1. Very nice! Hang it up on design wall for a few days - the more you look at it - ideas will come on what to do with it. It feels southwestern grand canyonish at first glance

  2. Love! The different layers of color are fantastic. It has lots of depth and I imagine an art quilt with lots of earthy colors. But it can go so many ways. Enjoy figuring it out!

  3. It's like shibori. The golden yellows glow. I would not want to do this but love the look.
    The bottom picture itself looks like the vistas out West. Cool experiments Glen. LeeAnna


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