Thursday, April 30, 2015

Immediately I knew It Was Out Of Control

Out of control, for sure.

I  took a good look at the lutrador I painted with the Rose Tsuekineco Ink yesterday and knew it needed to be darker.

That was the beginning of the problem.

I had used some water mixed with the ink yesterday so today I decided to go commando.  No water.  When I put the brush down into the ink then on to the lutrador, immediately I knew it was out of control!

Waaaaay too much ink.

But there it was.  So I put a few more splotches on, glad Carol had sent me more than enough stuff to play with.


 So I hit on an idea.  Water thinned the ink BEFORE I  put it on, maybe it would thin the ink AFTER I put it on.  Into the kitchen.
I took an old yogurt container and put a tiny bit of water in the depression  of the upended container.  I really wanted to try to control SOMETHING! 

Lutrador is not like fabric, it does not absorb water.  So the water did indeed dilute the ink already on the lutrador.

And at that point I had no real control of where it went.  I made scrubbing motions like when you clean a shirt.

That served to move the inks around and disperse them into a wider area.

We shall see what it turns out to be.


  1. The neighbors will wonder what you did with the body what with all that blood on the thing you hung up to dry - lol!

  2. what are you doing with this? How do you know if it's too pale or too dark? Do you prefer inks to thinned paints? I have both but really love the paints. LeeAnna

  3. Interesting piece of fabric, I must admit. I'm wondering why you didn't like the commando version. Who said too much is too much and how do we know? I guess I just like commandos....they are strong and generally good-looking and know how to handle up on the enemy. Oh wait, that's the other commando. Are you talking the commando my boys laughed about when they were teens, because that is a tad embarrassing. I suppose that commando would need some water and washing. :-) I could have so much fun with this post, but I'll behave. I am too married to keep going along this line of thinking!


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