Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Test, test, test

Suzette is making me do this.  She finally taught me how to post blog and photos through Blogger on the iPad.  I could never do it, and just  gave up.  But it is so easy!  LOL. 

These lovely ladies are Joni and Renee at the Modern Quilt meeting on Monday night.  Renee and Joni both make a lot of quilts for donation to Wounded Warriors and other charities through a group called Wasted Women.  The Quilts go through the 501c3 group founded here called The Giving Quilt.  They distribute quilts far and wide to charities of your choice. 


  1. Nice to learn something new! Now you will be unstoppable in your posting! The quilt is lovely. I am sure the receiver will appreciate it!


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