Monday, May 25, 2015

Thank You To Those Who Serve!

Our family has a long tradition of service to our country.

Walkway to USS Kidd on the Levee
My grandfather Jack Sellers was in the Calvary which was the Marine Corp in WWI.  My brother has his sword.  Before him, his father fought for the Confederacy.  Yep, I am THAT Southern!

My father Herb Graci and his brother Angelo Graci served in the Navy in WWII.  They were both on ships in the Pacific.  Frank's father Benny Parks served in the Army in WWII in the African Theater.  

Mississippi River Bridge in the background
My Uncle Buddy Mauterer was in the Army and served under the great General Patton in Europe and Africa.  He and Frank's Dad were in the Battle of the Bulge in Belgium and France.

My brother Kenny Graci was a Marine, following in our grandfather's footsteps. He flew planes out of Guam for a while.  

Frank's brother spent his entire career in the Army. He did three terms in Viet Nam and returned home wounded twice.  He eventually went into Special Forces and spent  time in the various places we sent troops into over the years.  He loved it.

And Frank was in the Air Force.  He had a high lottery number during the Viet Nam days and a college deferral.   But he joined when he finished LSU.  By then the war was over and he was sent to 3 duty stations in Texas.  As much as his brother loved it, Frank hated it.

To all of these great men, and the buddies they served with and those who came after them and walked before them, I thank them for their sacrifices and service.  

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  1. Lots of military service in your family! A friend of my younger sister traced military service in our family to the Revolutionary War. We also had relatives on my mom's side that fought for the Confederacy! My grandfather on my mom's side was from Georgia thus my southern roots. My Dad's father served in WWI, but I don't know what branch of the service he was in. My Dad served 2 years in the navy at Great Lakes, his brother, Ed, graduated from West Point and became a full Coronal in the Army. Ed served during the WWII, Korean, did a short stint in Viet Nam, worked on the Polaris missal project, and taught at the war college in Carlisle PA . One of my brother's spent 4 years in the Navy on a destroyer in the Caribbean and Mediterranean.


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