Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Proud Momma Time!

Daughter Carrie puts up with my quilting.  She put up with my sewing things when she was growing up, but complained when i made stuff for her.  I really hated sewing clothes, so it didn't take a lot of complaining to get me to stop!

And remember the 16 baby quilts I made for her friends in the last two years?  She came over and used the long arm to quilt one of them, and did quite well.  but that was it.

So yesterday she emailed this.

About two weeks ago, she showed me a photo and asked how she could make it.  We talked about fusibles and cutting a template and pressing not ironing.  You know, the basics.

And yesterday she emailed me this!

Talk about amazing!  

I am so proud of my fearless child!  That is how you have to throw yourself into stuff and figure it out.  You can't be afraid to try something new, or re-learn something old.

You just need to DO IT!

And she did!


  1. Reminds me of the first window of fifteen I needed to add extension jambs and trim. I stood there for the longest time and then just jumped in and went for it. Yes, I made mistakes, but I learned so much. Four window left to finish.

  2. Wow! The artist in her really shines through. I assume that's her own design.

  3. Like mother like daughter - I love it! Modern and classic at the same time


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