Tuesday, May 26, 2015

The Eagle and the Bathroom of the Vampires

Not related, although it might be a good title for a sitcom rather than a spy novel.

I saw this report on Fox this afternoon and it caught my breath.  It was so incredibly patriotic, is is something that would be fabricated by those who Photoshop well.  But it is a real photo by Frank Glick, an amateur photographer on his way to work at Delta Airlines early one morning.  Just click on the link and see what I mean.

The Eagle on the Gravestone

Amazing, isn't it.  Truly an incredible photo.

OK, the bathroom.

We put on some of the drawer handles and found that we picked up 3 of the correct ones and one incorrect and totally different one!  I switched it out for the correct one and will finish up the drawers tonight.

I still need to put the handles on the doors and rehang 4 cabinet doors.  To look for a new cabinet door, Paula and I went to Habitat ReStore this morning but there was a sign on the door stating it was closed the day after Memorial Day!  Well...........thanks.

I cleaned out the top of the closet I want the glass door to go on.  It looks a LOT better, doesn't it?  A lot of the towels were the ones from my mother's place when we moved her into Sherwood Manor Assisted Living.  Perfectly good towels but smaller in size.  Good for dog towels now! 

See the new shelf space Frank built that used to ve wasted space behind the laundry chute door?  It looks real.

The brown toned paint looks much better with the color of that granite.  I did not like the grey tones with it at all!  I could change the color of the cabinet and the walls but not the granite! 

 This is ready for the mirrors to be hung.  I need to decide what color they need to be.  When we moved into the house 30 years ago, it was 1 1/2 years old.  The couple who built it was going to retire there but he was transferred north after they closed the Kaiser Alum plant.  We got the house for a steal at $36,000 below its appraised value. 

When the moving company came to move their furniture, they took all the bathroom mirrors, light fixtures from throughout the house, all the fans, and even the doorbell! 

I guess they were not happy about the move.  So we bought new mirrors and joked that they must have been vampires!

I ordered the most perfect shower curtain last night from Overstock.  If you notice the part on the back of the tub by the toilet, it creates a difficult situation for the shower curtain.  This tub actually needs a corner shower rod.  See that hook on the ceiling?  That holds a strip of fabric that holds up the outer corner of the rod so it doesn't hang down with the weight of the curtain.  And I need two curtains so one can curve around the back part to keep the water from pooling on that ledge and pouring on to the floor behind the toiilet.

 the bathrooms in the house are large rooms.  The door that is open leads to the hallway and the closed door goes to the bedroom that is Frank's office.

I plan on putting up some of my art quilts on the nice clean neutral walls.  I bought a Phoenix when I was in Colorado and will work on that this summer.  It just might make a good statement piece in here.


If I can only figure out how to keep McGee out of the bathroom.  He tends to destroy the toilet paper whenever he gets into the room.   If you can think of a fashionable way to baby gate the door, McGee needs to know about it.


  1. you know, you could just put the toilet paper holder up high on the wall... one day the next owners will say 'why did they put the toilet paper up at eye level?" But it seems easier than putting that gate up all the time.

  2. It looks beautiful! Anonymous is right about the tp - an oprah ah ha moment ?

  3. The bathroom looks great. I can't believe how much you have gotten done in such a short amount of time!


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