Tuesday, May 26, 2015

Art Quilts in the Bathroom

Yes.  Art Quilts in the bathroom! I guess the Hibiscus didn't make the cut!

The Row Houses was already in there, so I just put it back.  That was a challenge in River City Guild, oh, maybe 5 or 6 years ago.  I think they did it wrong though.  The deal was to have three bags.  In one bag was the type of block.  In another, an element and in another, a color.

Someone reached in and chose one from each bag and we were all asked to do the same thing.  I think it should have been where each person chose from each bag.  That way the quilts would have been unique and totally original.

Anyway, that person chose a log cabin block, in the color green and with a bird.

I won FIRST PLACE!!!  The pattern was from Flavin Glover long before she came and did a workshop here in Baton Rouge.   I loved her tiny log cabins; they finish at 3 inches so they are tiny!   My green is a greyed green on one of the rooftops, and there is a tiny weather vane with a rooster showing which way the wind is blowing.  Could be a good thing in a bathroom sometimes!

I wanted a great place to put my Iguana.  The Iguana has a real name, Lagarto de Mi Corazón.  It means Lizard of My Heart.  It was too complicated for the Swamp Show so I just shortened it to Iguana.  Which is good as well.  The figures are Anazasi Petroglyphs that I discharged from a nice black fabric.  It was made for a Challenge for River City Guild about 4 years before the Row Houses even.  It was when we met at the Library.  The challenge was to take a block and add to it or subtract from it.  We were to make something from at least two changes plus the original block.  I wanted to do something other than a quilt.  But back then the group was pretty traditional and it was not something they were interested.  I was Art Quilting before they were ready for it.

And of course, there is The Derrick tribute to almighty OIL.  It is appropriate because the Oilfield has fed, clothed and educated my family for close to 45 years.  It is not something I look at as a bad thing.  I have had friends who besmirch OIL as a bad thing, but I pay homage to it.

You can look at The Derrick as good or bad; something that has built families in Louisiana or destroyed lives.  But it has been very good to us.

And the good thing is that I can change or add or subtract art as I see fit in my own little Bathroom Art Gallery!


  1. The quilts look great against the color you painted the walls! Did you say what color of paint you used?


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