Tuesday, May 5, 2015

The State of Things Cleaned in Pine Oil

Sad.  All I can say is sad!  Not really, DiNozzo's nose is looking MUCH better.  I won't gross you out with a photo of the debrided muzzle space.  It is just a small place, about the size of a dime, and highly pink.  But actually better than yesterday when it was done.  He has a salve that gets put on three times a day.  I need to set alarms, I will never remember that poor boy.
Here is a video where you can get a great one minute education on ...
the crab that got Suzette
And Suzette, AKA Swooze,  survived Louisiana trying to kill her, and hopefully will get to meet the bassets today.  They will be overjoyed to meet her, muzzle rot and all!

I even mopped my floors for her!  Well, actually I spilled about a quart of the gallon of tea I made and at that point, mopping was a necessity.

Mopping always brought me back to the early days of our marriage in the early  70's.  I will let you do the math.  I worked, he worked and he went to school.  We had a tiny apartment that was right off the LSU campus and was built before Lafayette sailed into the US waters to bring news from France.

But on Saturdays, he and I would scrub the apartment clean.  Lots of pine oil in hot water, pledge on our cheap laminate furniture and a spring day that blew pollen in the open windows that had no air conditioning!

There are other memories attached to that apartment, like the girl in the apartment across from us who was majoring in opera and had the most beautiful voice.  She sang as she put her clothes into the coin operated laundry, as she cooked her vegan meals and as she studied for opera school.

And our next door neighbor who was in horticulture and would give me cuttings of the most exotic plants I have ever seen!

Ahhh........... that pine oil brings me back!


  1. A scent is such a powerful memory jogger. I was married in the late 60s. Our first apartment was in an attic of a family of eight kids... no running water, we had to walk down to the second floor to use the bathroom that was used by the eight also, and carry a bucket of water up to do dishes. We had a hot plate and a small frig in the 'kitchen' and a bigger room for a bed/living room. We had a kitten, but we had to give her up... the one little girl was allergic.
    Sorry to hear DiNozzo had troubles with his nose. Did that giant crab have anything to do with it? Hope he feels better soon.

  2. what on earth is that picture???? is that a human crab ??

  3. Yes! I am a fan if the pine oil as well - it smells clean for me - Lestoil baby!
    Poor de nose ! Give him an ear rub from me


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