Monday, May 4, 2015

DiNozzo's Not So Perfect Nose - It's All About That Face!

So much so that it necessitated a trip to the vet.  Which didn't bother him so much, he loves the trip, the people, visiting everyone who comes through the door, smelling all the food for sale.  And the treats!  Oh, the treats he gets offered when he cuddles up to one of the ladies!

They think he is all for them, but he is an attention slut.  It doesn't matter who it is, if he can cuddle and lean, he is there!

So the nose was in trouble.  Muzzle, really.  In all my years of Dog, I have never seen anything like it.

Vet thought it might be a bite.  Snake?  I asked.  He said no, more like a bug.  But he took the scab off to  expose the underneath red skin and thought he saw two holes like a snake bite.  A poisonous snake's venom would cause the fur to slough off, so if it was a snake it was not poisonous.  Thank goodness.

He aspirated it and found no cancer cells, with our history of mast cell tumors that is an important thing to do first.  I hold my breath until he comes back in with the news.

He said there was lots of other cells though.  Red blood cells, white blood cells, fungal cells, and some others I can't pronounce. 

So the decision was to apply a salve three times a day and that he could keep his nose a bit longer!

And to stay away from snakes..........yikes


  1. Poor baby! Glad he's going to be okay.

  2. Give my boy a hug and kiss for me. Tell him I will be there to visit him as soon as I am feeling better or the quarter final baseball game in Maurepas...which ever comes first.

  3. I am glad DiNozzo's nose is getting better! I did not see the nude picture, darn I have such lousy eyesight!

  4. this reminds me when my dog heard something in the bush on a hike and got bit by a rattlesnake. we were living in mexico at the time. she was lucky and the bite was minor. She stood completely still for me while I kept ice on her nose and waited for a home visit by the vet.

    Glad DiNozzo is doing better.

    And I hope the health insurance and hospice for your mom continue to work out. You've done a great job in getting all that settled.

    wishing you continued strength and endurance:)


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