Monday, May 4, 2015

Monday Morning Apology - Nudes Bathing

I hate to start a week with an apology, but this one is amusing.

How many of you looked at the post about the Purple Cow and the fish duvet I scored?  Well, if you

were good friends and looked closely when I first put it up, you would have noticed a scandalous thing.

One of the shots included Frank drying off after his bath as we were getting ready to meet friends for dinner. 

Yep.  A nudie.  Don't worry,  I have already taken it  off.........

And, embarrassingly enough, I got a call from Carrie last night who had gotten a call from her mother-in-law.  So now the whole family and all of you out there has seen his cutey butt. 

All the while I was minding my own business making hexies!

 The middle stack is  the original stack, so Inow have nearly twice that done. 

And I just read that this one person has 1200 hexies in her quilt.  Probably larger than my hexies, which are 1 inch. 

Maybe I should make a hexie nude!


  1. Hexie nude....what a marvelous idea as long as I don't have to work on hexies! A little skin between friends is ok as long as it is just looking and not touching. My first question is why was Carrie's mother-in-law looking so closely. My second question is why did not call you first. Maybe she thought his butt was too cute. mmmm You know me...I see things differently than most.

  2. You can assure Frank that some of us saw your post but totally missed his nude photo-boning in your photo.

    I love the idea of a nude made from hexies–my vote is to go for it.

  3. I hadn't seen it, but lucky for me, it was still in my Feedly feed! Hee-hee. ;) FYI, changes don't show up in that particular feed reader (ask me how I know, lol).


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