Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Wallpaper and Fiber Arts

I went to my Fiber Art Group tonight and saw some fantastical stuff.  I am rubbing elbows with some talented folks.    Check out the Fiber group post from my side panel on my blog page. 

Earlier today I went to the Bonnie Hunter (like) Group this morning and got some hexie flowers made. 

And I scraped off some wallpaper!  I now have two walls completely done.  And like 8 more to do.  Not that the bath is that large, but it is a pretty good sized room.  Lots of walls. 

Suzette, you wouldn't recognize the place!


  1. I would have peeled paper with you! Guess I'll have to come back after the redo.

  2. Your are making great progress on the bathroom. Bathrooms are hard to do because it is hard to put a ladder in them since they are filled with things that can't be moved. I once had to wallpaper a bathroom for a SIL. Two toned striped white paper - what a job! My brother wanted it done in one day! I did get it done and it looked good, but I was beat!


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