Saturday, June 13, 2015

New Quilt Has a Name

Locked and Loaded.

I  love how that trips off the tongue, must have something to do with the two Ls that start the words.  Meaning aside, it is fun to say.

I like the way the two blocks play off each other.  One a plus the other a dot. 

One is locked up and small, the other is loaded like a baked potato!

There are other connotations of the name, Sean notwithstanding.  You have your politics, I have mine!

I will have some time to work on it this afternoon, the dogs all got their toes trimmed and they are sleeping it off.  Frank is zzing out on the sofa, snoring away talking to himself.  I guess he is fighting off evil villains since he dreams he is a superhero and ends up kicking or fighting me at night.  Yes it is even interesting at night around here!

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