Saturday, June 27, 2015

Patchwork Times' Judy's husband Vince always finds the best deals on stuff.  She was talking about what bargains they scored at Walmart.  She said they have a day during the week that the discount stuff is 50% off.  I need to check to see if our Walmart has clearances discounts like that......hmmm.

I scored some cheap stuff at Target today though.  $4 pillows for outside furniture and $1 for some seeds that are in some mesh that you roll out to make a flower hedge.  And 50 cent large boxes of baking soda.  We use a ton of baking soda so I scoffed up 4 boxes. The gout, you know.

And for making skeleton leaves.  Are they not cool?  You know it!

 And I picked up my Avante this morning!  Yes!  back in business!


  1. Do you have a tutorial on making the skeleton leaves? I make cards - well I used to when I had my rubber stamps etc. out of boxes - and the leaves would be fun to use on them.

  2. Skeleton leaves? What are they? Do tell


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