Friday, July 31, 2015

Kaleidoscope Quilt Show

I have 4 pieces hanging in the Sassi Strippers Guild Quilt Show at the Jones Creek Library.  Please go see the show as it is a nice representation of what is being done now by traditional quilters.  There are no modern quilts in this group, which I thought interesting.  Well, one can be interpreted as Modern - a charity quilt.

I am always impressed at how wonderful quilts look when they are hanging.

My favorite quilt, outside of my own of course, is this one.  Obviously a Saints fan, this one was titled French Quarter Brees.  The free motion
quilting that interprets the wrought iron fences in the Quarter is so much fun!  I don't particularly like the pinwheels but I guess it is a play off Drew Brees name.

This is a picture of the library lobby where you can see my KerBloom! quilt hanging in the rear center.

The two hanging in the front are pinwheels and a stained glass quilt.  I like the effect of where that stained glass one hangs, it looks like it is lighted.

This fox was interesting.  I just downloaded this pattern myself other day.  It was a free pattern and I thought it might be interesting as a baby quilt for Carrie's fertile friends.

That little foxy guy is really cute and I like the off set of the background.

 There were four jackets in the show, set against a wall containing numerous quilts.  The quilts on the ladder are going to be donated to charity.

That circle quilt is a nicely done piece, however I think I would have varied the circles in a more unpredictable way.  I love the colors in the quilt, they are my favorite colors!

Here are two of my quilt, KerBloom! and Jack and Gourdy Throw a Party.  They are hanging in the back of the lobby area, quite  easy to see.

The pumpkins are a Buggy Barn pattern made from shirts, not for traditional quilters!  That is a candy corn border.

My other two quilts are on the right wall of the library.  

My Forest of Frozen Sorrows was made when the Retreat was cancelled due to the frozen pipes flooding the retreat center.

And Carnivale, which was done in response to a challenge to use some ugly fabric.  The ugly fabric is in the center of the circles.  Not so ugly when you put it with complimentary fabrics.

Even though the show is so much smaller than usual, it is a fun place to go see quilts hanging in a beautiful venue.

Go check out the library quilt show and vote for one of my quilts!  You have to be there in person, but if you are in Baton Rouge go check them out at the Jones Creek Library!


  1. All great quilts! Thank you for sharing the photos and that fox is really cute :-)

  2. Hello, sorry I can't visit the show. Thanks for the pictures. I quite like the fox quilt too. Could you direct us to the pattern for the fox? I found this
    but I'm not sure it's the same. Beatrice.


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