Monday, July 13, 2015

RSC15 at Mid Year

I am loving the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2015!

Of course my productivity does not show it, but I really have been working on the RSC15.  I have several good bases for some baby quilts with the fish and the geese that fell by the way side.  Yeah, I left them behind in the dust, literal dust.   I have an idea for the fish that will be cute.  Grouping in schools with a momma fish should use more scraps up..........that is my current plan, anyway.

Here are my foxes, I think there are 36 of the cute little guys.  They will need some spacing in the final set but I am still thinking they are fabulously cute.  They are 6 wide by 7 long so they will finish at 5.5 x 6.5.  Who knows how big the final quilt will be. 

The color for July is red so I need to sit and make some red foxes.  Finally a natural fox color!  LOL

The reds should definitely brighten things up.  These are tending toward the cool side of foxy.

And this is the Asterisk.  There is a fourth one made but of course I can't find it.  So I will have to fill in the colors I am missing and do the July red.  Four more, then. 

This will be a fabulous quilt!  I definitely love the idea of 12 asterisks dancing along the front of a fun quilt.

hmmm...I wonder where that errant asterisk is? 

Mental Note:  make easier blocks next year for RSC16.  

That is OK, when I clean stuff up looking for it, I hope to find the circle templates for the long arm I bought at QuiltCon.

I guess I am off to make foxes and a lot of asterisks!


  1. I think I like the foxes all grouped together like that- a den of foxes- yes

  2. Love your mental note and your quilt-itude! I need to somehow remember that for any bees that I join. It seems that I jump in, forget deadlines, and then desperately throw something together. lol It's my signature, I guess.

    You could always make lots of extra red foxes and mix them in. Then the brighter colors will overpower the darker ones. Of course, these look great. I said I would make some asterisks--guess I should get on that!

  3. Oh, you are getting that spam email from obat kuat too. I didn't realize you had made so many of the fox blocks. They are great! I like the asterisks too.

  4. I love the RSC, too! Productivity doesn't always mirror enthusiasm for a project. For me, it has varied from month to month depending on what else life has thrown in the path to my sewing machine!!

  5. Yup - easier blocks or fewer of them for a project . . . with you on that one!

  6. Or you can carry a project into the next year. But I agree that simpler can be better because the rainbow colors tend to overpower the intricacies of the I am finding out myself...

  7. I love the foxes! Looks like you are making a lot of progress. And I hear you on the easier blocks for next year. I always make that promise and then get sucked into something else. Ah, well. They're all pretty in the end!

  8. Looking forward to the addition of a RED fox (or two...)

  9. Love the foxes and your asterisks!

  10. I wonder where that asterisk wandered off to? Maybe he is playing hide and seek? Good luck finding it. The foxes look great as a group.

  11. No matter how many quilts come from your RSC efforts they're going to be FUN!

  12. Yes, you are right...foxes will make a fabulous quilt. They are just too cute.


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