Monday, October 12, 2015

Sneak Peak of the BE+1 quilt

I got it partially quilted last night before The Good Wife came on.  I love that show.  She is so 'every woman' in the part she plays.  Some of the things her egotistical husband does to her, well, she is as saint. I love her.  And I love the new guy they introduced last night!

Don't You Love Her Madly will be off the frame today and I will have a binding ready for tonight.  

It is my own design, all from my mind, no pattern, no copy from anyone, all mine!

I have severeal things to work on, I need some finishes!  All the work I did in Sept (and all the problems I had), need to evolve into productivity in October. 

I am looking forward to an exciting meeting.  However, this is a very traditional group, so we shall see what my design says to them. 


  1. If they are true quilters, they will be thrilled for you. Save me some binding to cut.

  2. Shake them up! Loosen them up! It took about 10 years, but my former quilt group finally came over to my side and started to show influences of my work. If nothing else they will be talking about your piece. Is your arm feeling better? How's the knee?

  3. When I finally came out of the 'quilting closet' and started showing my style quilts, I got different reactions. Some still frown, but many are now smiling. Some are smiling at me, some with me. But I love the freedom to show that this is the quilt style I'm loving for now. So, continue to go forth, even to the traditional group, regardless!


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