Tuesday, November 3, 2015

My Neighbor's Strange and Unusual Tree

This is the Duffle Bag from UFO pieces left over from a doggy quilt I use on my side of the bed.  I learned long ago I could not share a blanket with Frank if I wanted to be warm.  Not a problem now because I have 2 million quilts.  Thereabouts.

And I have finished 3 of the 4 pillow cases finished I plan on donating with the Duffle to the CAAWS Volunteer Thank You Party and Annual Membership Meeting.

I have some leftover pieces from the pillowcase fabrics that I will make into some zippy pouches.  These look like good prospects.

But let me tell you about my neighbor's strange and unusual tree.  It is a pine tree.  But when the needles fall they stand up.

Yes, they stand up.  Not just one or 10, like the MAJORITY of them.  

This is Nancy's tree.  Nancy is just so cool!

This is my other neighbor Dale's tree.  Normal, boring pine needles.  I must talk to him about this.  I have higher expectations if he is to continue to live next to me...........

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