Thursday, December 17, 2015

#5 Punta Arenas, Chile

 I am going to leave you with mostly photos today.  I am throwing a Christmas Party and will be occupied most of the day.

Punta Arenas is where we went kayaking in the Beagle Channel.  Of course I found  pair of puppies and trained them to sit for me.  OMG!  they were soooooo cute!

Notice this is not a Puerto (port) but a Punta (point).  And that is pretty accurate.

There was a great open market where I got my penguin jacket, which I have to take a picture of and show is Alpaca.

Lots of birds, lots of beautiful mountains.  The derelict boat is the Lady Elizabeth.

the owner of the Estancia (Farm) made some wonderful pastries with hot tea to warm us up after the outing.  


  1. what an adventure. Glad you're showing us your slides. LeeAnna

  2. You need to come to Ohio and train a couple of dogs in my neighborhood! Last night I had one come after me and scared the heck out of me! Come to think of it the owner need trained more than the dogs! More wonderful pictures! Have fun at your party!


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