Friday, December 18, 2015

Whew! Penguins Coming Soon!

I have some really great penguin photos for you. (They call them penguinos!) I am still sorting and organizing the photos from the trip, so bear with me.  And keep coming back for more ports of call!

Holidays are coming on fast and furious.  It  felt too early to do holiday stuff before we left, now it feels too late.  I did meet with my Best Cousin Karen yesterday for some wonderful Cousin-Time.  I gifted her with the Spool Quilt!  She will love the color, she has black kitties!

Yesterday I got the Locked and Loaded Quilt quilted.  Just a meander, but it looks nice with that.  I have some baby t-shirt quilts from the backs of the t-shirts I sent to Patty the Quilt Lady in Ohio, and they will look good with the same meandering treatment.

I had a dentist appointment this morning, clean bill of teeth!

Then I went to Home Depot to search for one of those space blankets to put under McGee's crate when he has sit in it.  Not that he is ever punished, mind you, but he does have to stay in a crate when I leave the house.  He tends to eat stuff, you know.

And because he eats beds, he is sentenced to  not being able to have a crate pad.  Like the good dog DiNozzo does, all comfy and cozy and warm.

The crates sit on tile, which keeps the cold.  And I felt sorry for him.

I ended up with some thermal flooring underlayment.  It is silver like the space blankets and designed to cushion the laminate and keep the heat and cold from coming through.  Perfect.

That is all I can do for him.

Tomorrow, breakfast at Coffee Call and some Farmer's Market. 

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