Saturday, December 19, 2015

Begniets and the Art Market

Three couples met this morning for cafe au lait and begniets at Coffee Call on this beauty of a Saturday.  Not on my diet!

Then, we headed downtown to the Farmer's Market which included the Christmas Art Market.  I found the incredible Meyers lemons again.  Last year, they sold the entire crop to one individual so no one else got any of these huge lemons.  Aughhh!  But here they were again!  I also gleaned some of their oranges.  North Louisiana has a fairly decent citrus crop.  We have satsumas and kumquats here in the southern regions, but if you go just north of center you have oranges and lemons and pumelos.

 Oh, lemons on the right and oranges on the left, yes, lemons that huge!

And I found this interesting lady who had trays of  microgreens.  She had tiny amaranth plants she was offering for tasting.........beets, they tasted just like beets!  So I got a package of mixed micros and some micro amaranth.

The amaranth is red, microgreens were mixed, but tiny!  This is so way cool!

And of course we scored a huge pecan pie (I am in charge of dessert on Christmas Day at Carrie's) and some pecan tarts.  Which are just small pies, because Frank was lusting after the Christmas pie.........

The art market had a lot of pottery, soap makers and yarn crafts.  And honey, I needed some local honey.  Frank bought a piece from a photographer made from 5 manipulated photos of a New Orleans Street Car merged into one.  It looks 3-D.  We will get it after Christmas.  It spoke to him.  So few things do, so I was pleased he got it.

I  have no idea where he thinks he will put it, since my long arm is now where the New Orleans Room (our formal dining room) used to be.

 I guess I will have a street car now hanging in my long arm room.........


  1. Sounds like a lovely morning. I am now lusting after a beignet ...

  2. We are looking for a Meyer Lemon tree to plant. We know they grow around here since the man at the end of 358 sells them for a $1 a bag. So in a few years I will be able to give you lemons.

  3. Those Beet things are cool! Are they like sprouts from a beet? They look all tender and healthy and will counteract the donuts.
    Btw I adore the spool quilt.


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