Wednesday, December 9, 2015

Carol gets published........

And Carol gets published!  WOW!  I was going through the stacks and stacks of mail my nice post lady brought  in the huge white basket on Monday.  Last night I settled in bed with my two new quilt magazine and there it was! 

I know you know Carol of Quilted Fiber Art Blog.
I know you do.  She does some of the most amazing quilted landscapes.  And she is literally FAMOUS for her Serenity Rocks.  How do I know.........

Art Quilting Studio Magazine has an article about them!

Click here for the preview of the issue and you will see her rocks!

Carol shows you how you can create your own beautiful landscape and the rock cairns that are left as hikers and nature walkers pass by.  Frank and I have left rocks and twigs on many cairns as we have hiked across the country's most beautiful places.

I don't know why she is not shouting from the rooftops about this beautiful article.  I would be.

(I guess i need to go back and read the last couple of weeks on her blog to see if she talked about it!)

How exciting for you, my friend.  it is truly a beautiful piece.


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  1. Thank you ! You are the one that named the pattern remember. I owe it all to you. I didn't talk about it because I wanted the surprise factor and this post from you just made it all worthwhile. (((()))Hugs)))))))


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