Monday, December 7, 2015

South American Hexies and a Plan

If it is OK with y'all, what I will do is to put together a post about each of the places we visited.  I will throw in some history of the area and the photos I took.  I have a busy week, so if I get any qilting stuff done, I can show tht to you as well.

But don't expect too much, my friend Paula had knee surgery this morning (with Dr. Gorgeous, I can't wait to see him again, need to find out when he will visit her and be there.....) and sister in law had breast cancer surgery while we were gone.

During the 3 weeks of travel, including the 10 hour plane rides to and from Houston and the hour plane ride to and from Baton Rouge AND the layover times to catch the ONE plane in and out of Santiago, Chile and Buenos Aires, Argentina, I got about 25 hexie flowers made.

I had prepared the templates and the fabric pre-flight since you cannot take sharp objects aboard the planes.  A large fingernail clippers served to cut the thread to sew things together.

The process included sewing the fabric to the template and then sewing 7 together in the flower shape.  It was a lot of work!

It kept me from going crazy on the flights and in the down times on the ship.  We had more days at sea than I generally like to have, so I got quite a bit of sewing done while we weren't playing cards.


  1. The hexies are very pretty! I have no desire to ever make a hexie! I assume you will be making more?

  2. They look like a flower garden in the photo. Pretty. You should do something special with them as a remembrance of the trip.


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