Saturday, December 26, 2015

Next Project - Like a Ton of Bricks!

Hope this finds you all well and happy and full of good food and family.  Today we were left to ourselves, so we grabbed a few friends and had lunch at the Movie Tavern while watching Concussion with Will Smith.  Such a talented actor, he is.  Excellent movie.  Definitely see it.

And if you do go to a Movie Tavern, don't order the Stuffed Portabello Mushrooms because in the beginning of the movie they do a bunch of autopsy stuff on brains.........and in the dark they both look the same.

While we were together on Christmas Day, Fayne had a project request for me.  Seems she has a collection of bricks that need covering.  She wondered if I had extra batting laying around.....uh, hell yeah!

Finally, a use for those millions of pieces I have been collecting.  Don't judge......I know you have a batting stash too.........

I got my hot glue gun and proceeded to glue the brick to my dining room table.  Aside from that it was pretty easy to cover the brick.  My, bricks are heavy......

 So I pulled some typing paper and some markers and proceeded to make myself a pattern. 

And cut the pattern out of the heavy muslin I love so much.  

Then I had a great idea.  I took the markers and found where the top of the brick would be sitting in the space.  The internet provided me with a couple of cute and easy embroidery patterns, which I traced (using the washable markers) in the area.

I probably violated 15 copyrights but I am not selling this for any large amounts of money, it is a prototype.  When I get into mass production I will draw my own cute drawings.

So, here I am with my little drawer of embroidery threads.  We shall see if I still have what it takes to do hand work.   


  1. Why does she want batting covered bricks? I'm picturing a house made of batting covered bricks - no insulation needed.


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