Sunday, December 27, 2015

Fabric Covered Bricks

LOL.....I thought EVERYONE had a few fabric covered bricks laying around!  I definitely liked your use for them, Carol!  LOL

I have seen them used for doorstops, but I think she wants to use them as bookends.  I am going to see if Frank has any polyurethane in his collection of odd bits of paint and varnishes.  Yes, he can't say much to me about my quilt room if you have seen his shop..........

I am going to paint the fabric with the polyurethane to make it easily cleaned.  I think it will also protect the stitching, my less than perfect stitches.  I think the doggy turned out nicely.   But I need to learn a few new stitches if I am going to make more.

If you didn't see how I covered the brick, go back one post to ((((THIS))))) one.

Here is the outside cover that has been washed to remove the markers.  If  you use the markers, make sure they are the washable ones. 

I eased the corners and flaps and edges around.  I just used two pins to hold things together until I got the stitching done.  You can see tiny stitches, maybe my grandmother would be proud........nope, she wanted NO stitches showing.

This is as good as it gets, Grandma!
He is my finished brick. 

I'm kinda liking it.

A lot.


  1. Your finished brick is really cute!

  2. You did a great job on the bricks. maybe it's a new "thing" - a trend. You'll be on the cusp of the brick covering phenomenon. Get ready, the Kardashian's may be calling next. - lol!

  3. I have two covered bricks that I use all the time in my studio. They are great for holding down large pieces of fabric when straightening them out. I first saw covered bricks being used as weights when I worked at a place that made custom draperies. My covered bricks are not pretty like the one you made - they are just purely utilitarian.


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