Monday, January 18, 2016

Finally the birthday day

 Finally the birthday day I woke up yesterday morning.  my birthday! (I thought this had posted but OBVIOUSLY not!)

 It is fitting that the birthday weeks on end on the birthday day.  Frank left early this morning for a sales meeting so it fell to daughter Carrie to entertain me.

Carrie and  had our favourite white pizza for lunch.  with our favourite salad.  at our favourite restaurant.  She gave me a card that said I was like a magic firefly, brightening up the world.  LOL.

For my birthday she gave me a DNA family history test!  Totally perfect.  I am really interested to see how that works and what it says.

It was a good day just to spend time with her, something we really don't get to do often.


  1. DNA family history test - for the person who has everything! Sounds like you had a wonderful birthday week! By the way it is 9 degrees here. The sun is shinning so it is not so bad, LOL!

  2. Sounds like the perfect day - what is a DNA family history test? Never heard of it. So good to have such a smart caring daughter to think of it .


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