Saturday, January 16, 2016

Criss Cross Progress

After Lunch with Paula and Glen, we headed to Barnes and Noble and added a Zentangle workbook to my birthday haul.


I have had some opportunity to work on the quilt Criss Cross.  I finished up the 20 blocks and got the first two rows put together.

Can you see the problem here?  Somehow I snipped the patch with my scissors.  Yikes!  Good thing I found it before it got on the quilt frame!  There have been times I have not!

I will have to choose a color for the border soon.   Nothing really jumps out to me at the moment. Maybe a yellow?   Green?  I tried a lavender or light purple, but it just didn't make me smile. 

But that will have to wait for another day.

I have a lobster dinner to attend!

And it is getting cold and rainy out.  Today got up to 63 and I wore short sleeves.  Not tonight!

Reservations are made but I have to change what I intended to wear, something more winter-y!

Tomorrow is the big day!


  1. Happy birthday my friend! You deserve all the best life has to offer

  2. I'm sure you will soon find a border that brings a smile to your face! Where are y'all eating Lobster? Sounds delish! My mother says all the rain that's been occurring there and only a few days of sun is making her depressed. It may be time for her to come back here...but it's so cold...22 degrees currently! Enjoy this day of your Birthday Week.


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