Saturday, January 16, 2016

Birthday Eve Festivities

Yesterday he came home with a balloon and a card for me.

This morning he took me to get some designer donuts a a new shop that opened this month. AMAZING Triple Chocolate Madness.  But I have a feeling that anything would have been amazing. 

Then he presented me with two packs of fleece batting for two quilts I have set up for quilting.

And the card was from the dogs....A Big Hug!

Dinner and a movie!

Last night we went to see the Big Short.  There were 7 of us, and we had the movie theater to ourselves.  It wasn't planned that way, but it sort of worked out.

I recommend the movie, I  love the way it was filmed.  The Big Short was about the fraud perpetrated on the public by the housing market and sub prime loans of the early 2000's.  Everyone from the real estate agents to the banks to the loan packagers oversold the instruments.  So much fraud in every level.  There should have been thousands who went to prison; instead there was only one guy.

And thousands of us regular Joes lost jobs, our homes, 401K accounts while they all got fat.  And then the government rewarded the banks by bailing them out!

Just go see it, unless you were in the real estate or mortgage ;market you will understand it!


  1. Happy Birthday, Missus!!
    OmiDog...those donuts....mmmmmm.....

  2. Happy Birthday, Missus!!
    OmiDog...those donuts....mmmmmm.....

  3. Happy Birthday! Way to go, Frank.

  4. Frank is really out doing himself - you are one lucky lady! When is his birthday? He deserves something really special

  5. Today is Richard's birthday, too...he got concrete! You made out like a bandit in comparison. lol He's the one who wants a camper shed, sooo...
    Happy Birthday! It sounds like you had a great day. Designer donuts! That's a real thing, huh? I did not know, but I may look up the place! Just say you got the whole theater for your birthday. It makes for a good story.


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