Thursday, January 21, 2016

Sarah is Finished

I was busy all day with Carrie yesterday.  But I was able to finish up my fourth big Hexie from  the book the New Hexagon.

#3 is Sarah.  I am even impressed with the back side.  Normally my stuff don't come out that nice.  And  I have not yet pressed and starched it! 

I have a few things hat will take me mos of the day.  And I need to return grand-dog Hugeaux to his rightful place in the world.  Although he looks totally comfortable here on my sofa in the midst of all my quilts. 

At some point I need to stat working on my Millefiori rosettes.  I have decided to pull one of my solid fat quarter packs and add some specialty fabrics in as needed. 

I have done about 30 stack and whack blocks.  They were just four piece blocks not the more intricate 6 or 8 piece blocks.  Something that takes these rosettes up a notch is the use of many fussy cut pieces.  I am not sure about adding "many" but I would like to add a few to make the blocks sparkle.

I have anxiety about making the "right" fabric choices.  I guess I just have to dig in, put on my big girl panties and make the first cut!


  1. Your Sara block look wonderful1 What a cute star in the middle! Fabric choices can be hard because we are afraid of making a mistake. I say preview some fabrics and go with your gut. How bad could it be?

  2. I have color anxiety about millefiori too. Don't know how all the blocks will play, what becomes a focus? eeek. At leas you have them all. Don't start with the first, do one of the smaller ones first. I only have the mongo big first bag of pieces. What was I thinking?


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