Thursday, January 14, 2016

The Democrats Took My Cake? At Least I Still Have My Hexies!

Whew!  What a debate!  I am loving it. 

I am going to show my political slant here, but this is too funny! As part of my birthday week,  Frank brought me a card and a bag of (love) Cheetos today.  Here is the card!  LOL.
(I couldn't get it to flip for nothing!  So tilt your head to read it.)

CAAWS is selling our 16th Annual Parade T-Shirt.  Since our theme is Paw Wars: the Fur Unleashed I thought you might like to see (and order) our t-shirt this year.  It is really am loving it.

$15 and all goes to our Spay/Neuter Fund where we offer either coupons or free spay/neuter to low income families.

I spent the night constructing some 4 inch hexies  for the Blocks on the Go from Katja's Quilt Shoppe in Canada.  She is the author of The New Hexagon book and the Millefiore Quilt.  However I have one difference.  Well, more than one.

I failed to read that I should print the blocks at 133% and just printed it from the book onto some cardstock.  Oh, well.  It will have to do. 

I decided that I would use this for the Rainbow Scrap Challenge 2016.  So here are my blue blocks.  I have one more to sew together.  I really like them. Blue is the color for January.  Of course.


  1. I didn't watch the debate. I had no idea that there were birthday cards out there with a political theme. Your hexies are very nice. Reading directions - that is for sissies! LOL!! Happy Birthday Week!

  2. If you read the directions, then you wouldn't have had the adventure! As my dad would say "If all else fails, read the directions."

  3. Happy Birthday week to you! Hilarious card...I didn't know there were bday cards with a political theme either. The hexies are great...your just adding your own design element to them. (that's what I say when I have an oopsie). The t-shirts are really cool....great concept.

  4. Frank is a gem for the card but mostly the Cheetos - what a guy! Can you show a pic of the T shirt? It only shows black from here.

  5. Just clicked on the text and it brought me to the shirt - love that Star Wars theme!


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