Thursday, January 14, 2016

Millefiori Arrives

Well, the paper pieces arrived.  I joined the Facebook page......simply because I might need to ask a question.  Although with the Montage Quilt group I should have that covered and it will be more valuable in person.

I can't wait to get started.

 Here is an interesting new thing.

I made some paper beads from some doodling a I created.  Saw the idea in a Zen Doodles magazine.  I have an idea to use them on my Portal piece due next week in my Fiber Group. More on that when I start it.     Yea,  I know....more laughing.

You gotta admit though, they are pretty cool!


  1. Those are cool and I am laughing harder than ever. You always work best against a deadline especially last minute. LOL

  2. Those are cool! Do you coat them with something? How did you make them?
    Portal , huh? Maybe you can make a portal into the fairy tale land where quilt rooms get cleaned on a regular basis and quilting projects get started way in advance. Lol!

  3. Very cool! they would be fun to use in jewelry, I think.


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