Sunday, February 7, 2016

Another UFO Quilted (and a brick!)

Started in 2012.......put aside and forgotten.

Quilted in long will it take me to bind the poor thing?

I am thinking this one will go to Malaki.

As you can see, my quilting is not always straight.  Straight lines are really hard.  Really, really hard.  Really.

Here is the next brick installment for Fayne........this one is way too cute, almost stinkin' cute!

If you see a crab this big, RUN!   And get the BIG pot boiling.

This house must be in India....seeing as the family dog is an elephant!


  1. Love both your finishes! Sounds like I need to come over with the Go.

  2. What is Fayne going to do with the brick houses? They are very cute! Good job getting another one quilted!

  3. Love the brick house ... and realized this weekend that I need to make one to keep my door-opening cat out of my bedroom closet. Right now I am parking a pair of clogs in front of the door to discourage Johnny ...


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