Monday, February 8, 2016

A Finish!!!!!

My UFO to do list grows ever longer.  I need more hours in a day.  (gee whilikers, that just auto corrected to whores........ I wonder where THAT came from?)

This finish was not even on the list for some reason!  That just means the list does not get any shorter!  In a separate piece I made the backing that will do for a small kid's quilt I made out of the backs of t shirts and some t shirt like shirts I cleared out of my closet.  It wasn't  on the list either!  Geez.

AND....I have enough for another one, just a bit larger.  And I have some SpongeBob Squarepants fabric for the back!  I am not sure how he spells his name, I always spell mine with a small g.

(No one has ever noticed that............)

AND.........I have this Kaffe fabric quilt but it is small like a baby quilt.  Carrie hated it so I think I will cut it up for a bag.  That gets it out of the closet and maybe someone will want that!  

This morning I was vacuuming and totally inconvenienced my dog.  Poor guy, been there for like an hour.  For having such short legs he sure can jump up on things!

Here is that finish I was referring to:

Elephants!  Baby elephants.  This came from a kit I bought locally after I saw the fabric and fell in love.   Turns out it was in one of the quilt magazines and the shop had gotten the fabric and kitted it up in a nice ribbon-y package!  An I had to buy the magazine just to get the pattern.  It is so simple I could certainly have designed it myself, but I like magazines. 

Frank watched the Super Bowl last night and I was in the back watching the 600-lb Life and doing the binding work.  I really don't like sewing bindings on, and they are kinda piling up.  If I don't sew bindings I will never have any finishes, so I needed to get motivated.  So I got motivated and bound those Elephants.  

They are from, like, 4 years ago.  

I love love love the quilting I did, I am soooooo good at Elephants!!!!!!

It is a panto from Urban Elementz.  


  1. shame on you for putting your need for cleanliness above your dogs comfort.

  2. I really like that kaffe quilt. You can't go wrong with his fabric. Is sponge bob going on the back of that? Kinda strange but why not

  3. We need to talk about a deal for binding. I bind for fabric.

  4. Congratulations on another finish! That elephant fabric is cute. You are really cranking them out now. I find a UFO every once in awhile that is not on my list too. I think I would seriously consider taking Charlene S. up on her offer!

  5. Hey, if you go with Charlene's deal, you have a win-win-win on your hands. You give her the ugly fabric in your stash, get your quilts bound, and rack it up as a finish! (Sorry Charlene but she's got negative words about some Kaffe fabric so how bad can it be?) You can also count that payment fabric as used since you used it to pay Charlene. So add another win.
    And Glen, you're right, you are good at elephants!


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