Tuesday, February 9, 2016

T-Shirt Backs

 T shirt backs.

I used to throw them all away.  Until I saw one girl at retreat whose customer wanted her to use all parts of the shirts she could.  So she made a whole second quilt using the backs of the t shirts.  And it didn't break the universe.

So I dug through my garbage cans.  And the bag I was giving to The Purple Cow.

And I dug out a significant number of things that could be used for some quilts.   I think I can get about 3 quilts from the shirts.  This is the first.

I will admit the quilting is not spectacular.  But I wanted it to be fun and large and looping.

I will trim up 4 quilts tomorrow.

And maybe add some borders to 3 more.

Yep, I am all about finishing up some stuff.  Finishing.  Stuff.  Yep.

And I am cold.

(PS - it is so cold here, well like 42, but i blowing the garbage cans around.  It is supposed to get to 30 or less tonight.) 

Cold.  Seriously.  Cold.


  1. Yep! Time for me to appear with Go. And time for us to talk about binding deal. As DGD#2 told me - we don't know what COLD is. Go from South Louisiana to North Tennessee and then it ain't cold down here. She is having problems adjusting to true winter weather.

  2. Using those t-shirts backs the way you have is very cool! I usually take the unprinted backs and cut them up for caulking rags. I have a lot of caulking to do (if I ever get around to it!) and I like darker rags to do it with. I can't see the white caulk after it is wiped off the trim on white or light colors. Here in northeast Ohio it is 30 degrees which is in the normal range. I don't mind 30 with no wind. The cold starts to bother me when it is in the teens and windy.

  3. Bet's a wet cold too.
    Happy Mardi Gras cher


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