Monday, February 22, 2016

The State of the Corner Quilts

Corner Quilts are those who live in the corner of my room.   The same corner in which I keep finding more quilts.

So far I have fifteen quilts and one wall hanging to find backings for and then Quilt.

And I have  six to put bindings on.

You might think that's all the quilts I have in waiting but it's not.  I have five more quilts that need the binding sewn down.

AND......I have four waiting in line to get quilted.

Yeah....I know the next question.  Why am I sitting here posting when I should be whittling that stack down??????

I also have some really crappy quilts and hangings that I was learning stuff on.  Like the first time I fused fabric together.  Or the first (15 or so) times I did free motion quilting myself.  mostly what I did was to jump in and do it and figure out what I did wrong later!

Actually that is a good way to work sometimes.  You are not bound by "rules".  You know what it SHOULD be, and you know pretty much how to get there.  But you don't know all the rules yet.

And when you do get the rules, whether from a person or a book/class, you have some experience already.  You can say, OOOOOHHHHHH!  That's why that didn't work!

I think I will take those pieces and do some small things to Abandon.  Remember Art Abandonment?   It might just be a great way to get rid of some of the good parts of bad work in a fun and creative way!

In fact, see that delightful chicken quilt on top?  It may become 15 journal covers!  I was never really happy with the way it was turning out.  The fusible I used is thick and stiff.  The quilting is yucky, I was trying to work on the old Megaquilter on the big frame.  The tension disks were really screwed up the whole time I owned it.  The I took it off and tried to fight it on my Husqvarna 930E.  I should have just thrown it out a million times ago.

I did use a corner of an old lemon quilt to cover a brick.  

Maybe one day we can all share our failures, and it will make us closer and we can sing Kumbaya while we toss them into the furnace !!

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  1. Couldn't we sing Kumbaya and give the quilts to the homeless or something? I saw on the news (in Alexandria, I think) that a woman started leaving clothing for the homeless in places where they could find the items. She'd leave a note saying "If you need this item, please feel free to take it." Before long she was gathering clothes from friends to leave out. I think it's sort of like your Art Abandonment but with clothing.

    I think we all have a corner of those quilts. Well, I do, at least. My first long-arm experiences were terrible, and I quilted that horrible work on decently made quilt tops! Not very smart, but I didn't want to waste time practicing. I figured I would improve much faster if it was real and I'd figure it out eventually. Ironically most of my Aha! quilting moments had to do with moving the machine smoothly and all I really needed was practice. Any old piece of muslin would have been just fine for that.

    How about a campfire instead of a furnace? (not burn the uglies just keep warm) We'll sit in a yoga pose while we sing Kumbaya.


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