Monday, February 22, 2016


it seems that Fayne is wanting her bricks!  So I took the afternoon off and concentrated on bricks.  I got two of them done!

One is a green brick from scraps of a quilt that I have in the line up to be quilted.  It was the Mystery quilt I called Down Under because the designer is Aussie.  I think I might have won a third place with the quilt top.  Or Maybe I won with the other one I did, I made two.  One to try out the pattern and one with the mystery group.  I got a either second or third place ribbon that night.

The second one is made from one of the quilts I decided to cut up and use for other things.  It was the first time I hand appliquéd anything.  And the first time I quilted feathers!  The free motion feather wreath was done on my Husqvarna 930E because I didn't have the Megaquilter at the time.

One thing that I did do was to use and upholstery needle to close up the final scene on the bridge. Have you ever used an upholstery needle? Do you even have one? I bought a set a few years ago when I thought I would use it doing some binding. It didn't work for the binding but it sure worked nicely for this. I couldn't of gotten into the space without it.

While I was at Hobby Lobby looking for one of these scrunchy desks you put on your lap while you sit in the sofa I found the stamps were 50%off.  So there was this raven one I have been eyeing but thought was way too expensive.  Half off made it $4 something.  (Note to self:  make your own stamps!)

The stamp is pretty simple, I probably could have made it myself.  One day I will have to show you how to make the best stamps!!  I took a class one time and we made our own stamps to use the dyes we were combining to make different blacks.

I think I want to do the last brick using this new stamp.  Who doesn't love a nice Raven?


  1. I have upholstery needles in my drawer forever but have never used them. Next time I am in a tight spot I will definitely think of them! I didn't know you could make stamps! I will be looking for a lesson someday! That Raven stamp is cute!

  2. Yes! We want a lesson on making stamps. What do you use to stamp on fabric? A pad with ink? Paint? You know I love that Raven


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