Saturday, February 20, 2016

When you dig down deep, it is amazing what you find!

I needed to clean those blinds in my quilt room.  They were like, caked with fibers and dust.  And dog hair I am sure.  That is the window the Boyz fight over.  So I got some Lysol all purpose cleaner that kills 99.9% of whatever it comes into contact with, and sprayed that sucker down!

It actually cleaned   Up pretty nicely. There was a box at the bottom of the window in the corner I hadn't noticed lately. When I stuck my hand in there I came up with this amazing find.  I think it will be perfect for the Zentangle Lady.

What do you think?

Now I need to soak it, but I'm almost afraid to.  It looks to be so delicate.    And the piece I am making is not something that will be used.

It is handmade, most likely linen.  There is no tag on it so I'm not sure who made it but I think it might have come from a bunch of stuff my cousin gave me from her mother. It could be something Aunt Evelyn bought on one of their travels.

I do remember my Danish grandmother forcing me to sit down and do this cut work stitching where are you pulled the threads on a linen handkerchief and then went back and caught the threads in interesting patterns. The tablecloth/runner does have this on it.  But I'm not sure my grandmother would've been someone who did this.

I have to ask my cousin what she remembers of it.

But first I think I'll wow her with it in this Lady piece.  She needs  nice Spanish lady's name.

Oh,  I know.........Ana Sophia, La Duena del Poeta

Ohhh, bad, bad girl!  Maybe that is why she is glancing around so guilty looking and all. 

Now I need a love poem.......

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  1. The linen is beautiful. Old linens are so interesting. It is amazing how much time had to go into all that fine detailed work.


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