Monday, March 21, 2016

Garden Bed Construction and a Quilt Finish

Frank and I headed to Carrie's house on Sunday and helped finish up her garden bed construction. 
The garden in her last house was one of the things that sold the house so quickly!

Since the move last year she has had some small bed,  but has concentrated on her landscaping projects.  She is a Master Gardener and a designer so she has definite ideas about what things should look like!

And Spring means new growth and new plants and new green things!

I have caladium bulbs galore coming in today from Florida.  I will do the rest of my garden flowers when we get back from the cruise.  I would hate for the baby plants to die with no one to water them!

Carrie and Frank got the beds done and another long one ready to just get bolted together. 

While they were doing that, I sat in the sun with GrandDog Hugeaux and stitched the final side of the binging on a quilt that will be heading to my sister-in-law in Laplace.  She is doing cancer treatments and needs some sunny flowers to make her feel loved.

That will get sent off as soon as I get it boxed and head to the post office.  Hopefully before I leave for the cruise.  I have Caitlynne's quilt to get the binding sewn on, that is a happy thing!

Nothing like celebrating family and friend's birthdays in the Caribbean!


  1. Carrie is so talented - architect and master gardener! Landscaping - something I need to work on this year. I bought a new tool that I think will make life easier for me in the garden. The weather is suppose to be nice on Saturday so I will have to plan on working in the yard then. Of course that could change as we are suppose to get snow on Friday with a high of 39 and Saturday's high will be sunny and 61! Crazy!
    the quilt is beautiful and it will definitely brighten you friend's day!
    I didn't know you were heading to the Caribbean. I was on a cruise in the late 90's to the Caribbean. Went to Grand Cayman, Cozumel, and ended up in Key West because we couldn't anchor to tender in to Cancun or go to some private island. We were in a tropical depression and the water was extremely rough. It seemed I spent more time getting to somewhere then being somewhere. I still had a good time despite the sea sickness.

  2. Doesn't it feel great to finish a quilt?! Although this one must be bittersweet since it's going to a cancer patient. It's bound to help her feel loved.
    Carrie is talented! She could probably make a fortune flipping houses...she has all the needed skills and is not afraid of work. Look at her go! I'd be sitting on the side binding a quilt while others cut and bolted wood. I'm there for the quilting and the flowers--not necessarily the planting or weeding...mostly the appreciating.


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