Friday, March 11, 2016

Quilt Haus Morning

Oh yes you know it!  I got the borders on that star looking old old old mystery quilt.  I  guess it needs a name. I will look in my "List of Most Creative Names" and pick one out for it.

As you can tell, it is still very windy and overcast.  I went out yesterday at 3 pm and emptied 3 inches of rain from the rain gauge.  This morning it was overflowing at 6 inches!  and just now I emptied another 1 1/2 inches.  So that is OVER 10 inches of rain.  In 24 hours.  WOW!

I tried to get a better view of the two new borders:  a nice green inner border and a brown outside border.  I am thinking this is a masculine looking quilt.  Seems I can't make many of those!

I decided I might have a better chance of getting a non-windy shot from the other side of the fence.  LOL. That was even worse!

Although it did occur to me that if you wanted to modern this quilt up a bit, doing irregular strip sets of a taupe and beige in the off blocks would be a great way of doing it.  You could do solids rather than scrappy traditionals, or even a one color solution.  QuiltCon here I come!  I am a designer now!

Here is that sacrifice brownie pan converted to rust.  I am going to shibori pleat a piece of silk and lay it first on one side, then the other in the pan.  It should, operative word here is should, create a rusted shibori.

Is that not cool, or what?

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  1. rusted shibori - I have never seen that before. I can't wait to see how yours turns out.


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